Rules and Regulations 2015


    1.1 The competition is open to all permanent residents residing in Nova Scotia with the exception of the organizers.

    1.2 Participant must be a registered Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user and enter in his/her own name.

    1.3 Images that have won prizes in prior competitions, or have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published will not be eligible.

    1.4 An image can only be submitted for either the Photo category or video category, but not both.


    2.1 Image submission to the competition is through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The participant's profile must be public. Images must contain the hashtag #RidetheGreenWave.

    2.2 Each participant may submit as many images as he/she wishes so long as every image submitted is accompanied by the hashtag.

    2.3 Images submitted must be the participant’s own work.

    2.4 Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will is permitted such as: basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping, or effects/filters and captions.

    2.5 The organiser reserves the right to reject entries with incomplete details required under the photo submission page. The submission deadline is September 15th, 2015, before 11.59pm.

  2.6 Should multiple users of the same social media account enter the competition and a dispute thereafter arise regarding the identity of the participant, the authorised account holder of the said account at the time of submission will be considered the participant and he/she will be required to comply with these Terms and Conditions. (“Authorised account holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned an account. Participants may be required to show proof of being the authorised account holder associated with their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.)

    3.1 Each image submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner.

    3.2 The participant shall retain the copyright to the images entered for the competition.

    3.3 By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having granted the organiser the right to reproduce and use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media without any fee payment, for the purposes of promoting the competition or areas related to the organiser’s work including:
        i. Renewable Energy Symposium
        ii. Promote Renewable Energy Initiatives
   Where any image is so used by the organiser, the participant will be acknowledged accordingly.

    3.4 Images received by the organiser through the competition will not be used by the organiser for commercial purposes.


    4.1 Prizes are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable for cash or in kind.

    4.2 The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the competition prizes and/or modify the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, without prior notice.

    4.3 The organiser shall not be liable for any fault with any of the prizes and any issues or queries relating to the condition of the prizes should be referred to the manufacturer/supplier of the prizes.

    5.1 The images will be selected by a panel of judges and their decision is final. No correspondence pertaining to the selection process and decision will be entertained.

  1. The panel of judges will evaluate the images based on the following criteria:
    1. Creativity/ originality
    2. Artistic/visual appeal.
    3. Extent to which the photograph or video captures the essence of the theme.
  2. There will be prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both categories: Photo and Video. I “Wild Card” award will also be given.
  3. The winner of “Wild Card” award shall be given to the most unique entry with the highest level of distinctness.
  4. The judging panel reserves the right not to award the prizes if the images submitted do not meet the requirements stated in this document.

    5.6 Results of the competition will be announced during the Renewable Energy Symposium on Saturday September 19th 2015. Also, winners will be notified via a post on their original entry.


    6.1 By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the competition.

    6.2 While the organiser will exercise due care during the collection, selection and storage of images, it shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or destruction of the images.


    7.1 The Renewable Energy Photo/Video contest is organized by Ride the Green Wave in collaboration with Digby Port Days and Renewable Energy Symposium Steering Committee.

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